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Pasta, Risotto & Rice

Carbs = comfort. Whether you’re seeking a hearty bowl of pasta or a perfect plate of rice, we’ve got you covered. Pasta, risotto, and rice dishes can easily serve as a main course or a side dish depending on the recipe and portion size. Explore them all in this collection of recipes.

Fettuccine with Venetian Chicken Sauce is an unexpected delight, featuring silky tomato sauce and protein-packed chicken. If you love classic Macaroni and Cheese with gooey cheese and a crunchy cracker crust, check out my friend Camille’s family recipe. It’s my favorite! When tomatoes are in season, there’s nothing quite like a scoop of Tomato Bulgur Pilaf. Serve it with a beautifully grilled chicken breast or steak. Great for parties and picnics alike, Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad is beloved by all!